Uber workers win right to increased pay conditions

Uber will give workers’ rights including the minimum wage from today to all of its more than 70,000 British drivers.
The move which will be beneficial Uber employees, follows the ride-hailing app lost Supreme Court case last month, and is a a blow to gig economy companies and a victory for unions and the advancement of workers rights.

In a case led by two former Uber drivers, an employment tribunal ruled in 2016 that they were due entitlements such as paid holidays, prompting Uber to appeal all the way to Britain’s top court, which ruled against it in February.

Uber said at the time it would consult with drivers whilst lawyers said it could take several months for the details of the ruling to be worked out at a further employment tribunal hearing. More cases could be filed.

On Tuesday, Uber said drivers would be paid holiday pay, have the benefits of being enrolled in a pension scheme and receive no less than the minimum wage, which stands at an hourly £8.72 for those aged 25 years and over, after they accept a trip request.
Uber has said it will not increase the fare charge and it’s believed that this decision will not affect the pay of it’s drivers in the extra costs that this will inevitably cost the company.

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