A new report published by Amnesty International "Safe Schools – Every Girls Right" has shown that thousands of girls across the world fear going to school for fear of sexual harassment; violent attacks, or bullying. The report describes how even in some Islamic countries schools for Girls have actually been burnt down.


  1. I agree with you Lynn, it’s a sad reflection that in the world today, in the 21st Century, that a child should feel unsafe in going to school because of bullying, sexual harrassment and predjudice because of their sex gender.

  2. When I was in the 8th grade – junior high – they used to show movies in the auditorium during lunchtime.
    I remember standing in the line at the door waiting for the Vice-Principal Mr McDowell to open the doors and let us all in, & this boy grabbed my ass & laughed like hell. I turned around & punched him so hard he fell down, & once he was down I stomped on his nuts.
    Guess who got suspended?
    Happy St Paddy’s Day, my friend!  🙂

  3. Hi Kathy,
    I wonder what he turned out like – I’ve had friends from school who I met years later and actually really liked the
    way they grew up! One friend of mine, Michael, I worked with years later and not only did he turn into a amazingly
    handsome guy, but he becme one of my friends – I actually hated him in school as I gre up and he grew up
    (he travelled the world, and became a man as it were) I thought the guy was one of the nicest and most
    cosiderate people I’ve ever met!
    But alas as for sexism in schools – it still exists, just as juvenile intolerance of gays and lesbians, different
    religions, and gender. I guess for children it’s a part of growing up – but it would be a "uptopia" if every
    parent stressed the importance of loving each person who appears to their child as different.
    As for adults and Governments – their is no excuse for prejudice of any kind!

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