Eternal Blue was a NSA tool

Source: BBC News Dave Lee, North America technology reporter The huge cyber-attack affecting organisations around the world, including some UK hospitals, can be traced back to the US National Security Agency (NSA) – raising questions over the US government’s decision to keep such flaws a secret. Elements of the malicious software used in Friday’s attacks were part of a treasure trove of cyber-attack tools leaked by hacking group the Shadow Brokers in April. One of the tools contained in the Shadow Brokers leak, codenamed EternalBlue, proved to be “the most significant factor” in the spread of Friday’s global attack, according to cyber-security … Continue reading Eternal Blue was a NSA tool

UN votes to send monitors in Syria

Today the UN Secuity Council has issued a statemet to send military obesevers into Syria to monitor the current ceasfire, and Russia and China joined the other 13 security council members in voting in favour of resolution. The secuity council has issued the following statement today The Security Council today authorized an advance team to monitor the ceasefire in Syria, which it said all parties “appeared to be observing”, while calling again on the Government to begin a pull-back of military forces from population centres and cease the use of heavy weaponry in those areas. Unanimously adopting resolution 2042 (2012), … Continue reading UN votes to send monitors in Syria