Willetts science plan a Pipe Dream?

Universities and Science Minister, David Willetts announced on Friday an ambition to make Britain the best place in the world to do science. In a speech at Policy Exchange, Universities and Science Minister David Willetts argued that Britain’s  our universities, science facilities and researchers – are the best single hope for making our way in the high-tech world of the future, creating jobs and opportunities and boosting high-tech economic growth. He said that  “If properly nurtured they can ensure that Britain will be up there as a leading location for research in the physical and life sciences. Britain can be … Continue reading Willetts science plan a Pipe Dream?

September 11 – 10th Anniversary Terrorist Threat

Recent intelligence obtained on Wednesday, and it is believed to have originated from the tribal areas of Pakistan, advised the United States of a plan to set off car or truck bombs in Washington or New York around the time of the 9/11 anniversary. Information about the attacks came from NBC this week. The information indicated that three people would travel to the U.S. from Pakistan to carry out an attack, they said. However, the information included very little else in the way of specifics — in terms of timing or target. Law enforcement officials were being alerted to be … Continue reading September 11 – 10th Anniversary Terrorist Threat

Hurricane Irene travels East Coast

Hurricane Irene is making its way to the US east coast its recent attack on North Carolina. There have been three deaths in North Carolina and Virginia, and the hurricane has caused a lot of flooding and damage so far. The hurricane is reported to be 500 miles in width, and has winds of around 140km/h, as it moves slowly northwards. The city of New York has been estimated to be hit by the hurricane as meteorologists predict the city to be in its path. 2 million people in New Jersey have been ordered to evacuate after warnings of storm … Continue reading Hurricane Irene travels East Coast