Eternal Blue was a NSA tool

Source: BBC News Dave Lee, North America technology reporter The huge cyber-attack affecting organisations around the world, including some UK hospitals, can be traced back to the US National Security Agency (NSA) – raising questions over the US government’s decision to keep such flaws a secret. Elements of the malicious software used in Friday’s attacks were part of a treasure trove of cyber-attack tools leaked by hacking group the Shadow Brokers in April. One of the tools contained in the Shadow Brokers leak, codenamed EternalBlue, proved to be “the most significant factor” in the spread of Friday’s global attack, according to cyber-security … Continue reading Eternal Blue was a NSA tool

Windows 10 and Hololens!

  This week Microsoft unveiled it’s new plans to package a holographic headset to accompany it’s new operating system soon to be released, Windows 10. The “Hololens” as it’s known, will be shipped with the new operating along with it’s voice activated software “Cortana” which is already available on it’s phones. The holograph headset, will allow users to wirelessly view holograms and both have a due date when they will be available it’s expected later in the autumn period this year.   This may also herald a new form of playing games, because it’s hoped that software that’s running on … Continue reading Windows 10 and Hololens!

Microsoft’s Board backing their Chief Executive

Microsoft Corporation’s board of directors have stood behind Steve Ballmer (CEO), after hedge fund manager David Einhorn recently called for his dismissal due to what he described as Mr. Ballmer’s ‘Charlie Brown’ management in not being competitive enough over other leading software and hardware IT giants such as Apple. Microsoft’s nine-person board, including chairman and co-founder Bill Gates, support Ballmer according to one inside source within the company, although Microsoft itself has declined to comment. Gates, who co-founded the software company in 1975 and is still the largest shareholder with 6.6 per cent of the company’s stock is major influence … Continue reading Microsoft’s Board backing their Chief Executive