Byrne wins West Midlands – LabourList Update

The race is over. No, not the big one you’ve been waiting for – there’s still over eight weeks to go in the Labour leadership race. But Liam Byrne has won the contest to be Labour’s candidate in the West Midlands metro mayoral election, which will take place in May this year. The MP for Birmingham Hodge Hill won the process after second preferences were taken into account. But the candidate received nearly enough first preferences alone, taking 45% of the vote in the first round, with Pete Lowe receiving 29% as Salma Yaqoob took third place with 26%. Byrne … Continue reading Byrne wins West Midlands – LabourList Update

Debbie Abrahams re-examines Pensions in Corby

DEBBIE ABRAHAMS VISITS CORBY COUNCILS ‘CUBE’ BUILDING TO DISCUSS “DIGNITY AND SECURITY IN OLDER AGE: THE STATE PENSION”  The event took place on 17th August 2017 hosted by the Constituency Labour Party with an introduction by Cllr Tom Beattie on … Continue reading Debbie Abrahams re-examines Pensions in Corby

The Chilcott Delay!

Today in the House of Commons; MPs reacted angrily to news that the inquiry  led by Sir John Chilcott into the 2003 Iraq War is not expected to reach it’s full report until after the general election The inquiry said it did not see any “realistic prospect” of it’s publication of the report before elections are due to be held on the 7th May 2015 and the inquiry will probably face being questioned about it’s delay by a committee of MPs, while the chair of the Commons Foreign Affairs Committee, Sir Richard Ottaway asked Sir John Chilcott to explain why … Continue reading The Chilcott Delay!

Labour Win as UKIP Challenge Tories

As local council election results are starting to come in across the country; the Conservatives must be wondering who look like ‘clowns’ – as UKIP have taken two county council local election seats from them following yesterdays voting – 2nd May 2013. The popularity of the independent party is probably due to voters concerns over the widening issue of Europe and possibly voters are now sympathetic to the scare mongering of it’s Party Leader, Nigel Farage concerning the immigration controls for the free passage of Romanian and Bulgarian’s within EU countries – in particular the UK in 2014. Already a … Continue reading Labour Win as UKIP Challenge Tories

Dark Days Ahead – Justice and Security Bill loses safeguards

Last night was a dark moment for British justice as odious Government plans for Secret Courts moved to the brink of becoming law. The House of Lords voted against introducing safeguards to the Justice and Security Bill ensuring that so-called … Continue reading Dark Days Ahead – Justice and Security Bill loses safeguards

Simon Danczuk – Rochale MP

Simon Danczuk is Rochdale’s MP since 2010. Simon started working at the young age of 16 in a factory making gas fires, he then worked for ICI (the chemical company).  While working, he studied as a mature student at night school and gained qualifications he had missed out at secondary school before gaining a place at Lancaster University where he studied economic sociology and politics. Danczuk co-founded  research; public affairs and communications company Vision Twentyone and also has been involved in The Big Issue in the North, Opinion Research Corporation, Bolton Bury TEC. He has written a number of articles … Continue reading Simon Danczuk – Rochale MP