Arms Dealers Get Wealthy from Russian & Ukrainian War

Lords Get Richer Through Worldwide Arms Deals arising from Ukrainian Invasion Members of the UK House of Lords have profited tens of thousands of pounds throug investments in arms companies as a result of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, according to openDemocracy website. According to the official register of interests, Tory peers Lord Glendonbrook, Viscount Eccles, and Lord Sassoon, as well as unaffiliated peers Lord Lupton and Lord Gadhia, own shares in in British weapons company BAE Systems worth at least £50,000. Since the conflict began over four weeks ago, BAE Systems’ share price has climbed by 23%, implying that each peer’s investment is now worth at least £11,500 more than it was before.The company is the largest arms seller in the United Kingdom and the sixth largest in the world.  All but four of the world’s top 20 weapon sellers have seen their percentage of sales increase. The conflict is thought to have killed tens of thousands of people, including 20,000 civilians in the besieged city of … Continue reading Arms Dealers Get Wealthy from Russian & Ukrainian War

Dark Days Ahead – Justice and Security Bill loses safeguards

Last night was a dark moment for British justice as odious Government plans for Secret Courts moved to the brink of becoming law. The House of Lords voted against introducing safeguards to the Justice and Security Bill ensuring that so-called … Continue reading Dark Days Ahead – Justice and Security Bill loses safeguards

MP’s criticise Health Reforms

A committee of MPs believe that the changes proposed by Andrew Lansley‘s health reforms are obstructing efforts to make the NHS more efficient, and that the reforms fail to address how to care better for an expanding elderly population. The highly critical report by the cross-party select committee on health, that is due to be published on Tuesday, comes as the medical establishment prepares its own summit on Thursday to discuss concerns over the health and social care bill. The report which is the findings of a committee chaired by Stephen Dorrell, the former Conservative health secretary  will probably cause … Continue reading MP’s criticise Health Reforms