The Dinosaurs of Northampton

It’s not every day you come face-to-face with a triceratops and a T Rex but shoppers heading into Northampton town centre will get up close and personal with the giant beasts as part of a free family fun day. A collection of dinosaurs will appear throughout Market Square, Abington Street, and other parts of the town centre on Saturday, July 24, as Northampton will be transported back to the Jurassic era, with a host of activities lined up for young adventurers. Characters including Ritchie the Raptor, Zeus the T Rex and Tank the Triceratops will entertain the crowds on July … Continue reading The Dinosaurs of Northampton

How we Destruct

Did you know that the universe is 13 billion years old – and the age of the earth is 4.5 billion years … the oldest insect 500 million years … Sharks – the most beautiful creature – are 400 million years old .. man 20 thousand years … modern man …  4 million years our  ancestor Australopithecus and 150,000 years homo sapien     The industrial revolution – took place only 200 years ago. Time is an interesting thing my 40 years is a mere breath compared to earths age.     Continue reading How we Destruct