Dark Days Ahead – Justice and Security Bill loses safeguards

Last night was a dark moment for British justice as odious Government plans for Secret Courts moved to the brink of becoming law. The House of Lords voted against introducing safeguards to the Justice and Security Bill ensuring that so-called … Continue reading Dark Days Ahead – Justice and Security Bill loses safeguards

Wheelchair Demo in London

Today protesters have gathered in the West End to campaign against the government’s welfare reform bill. Oxford Street, Regent Street and Oxford Circus have been brought to a standstill as people in wheelchairs chained themselves together. Campaigners from disability groups and direct action group UK Uncut chanted and waved banners and banged drums blocking off Regent Street and the demonstration is believed to have caused traffic jams in London’s West End as fifteen people in wheelchairs chained themselves to railings and eventually were joined by hundreds of others to campaign against the Government’s Welfare Reform. Campaigners believe that hundreds of … Continue reading Wheelchair Demo in London

Public Consultation on Mitochondrial disease

The public will be asked if they think the law should be changed to allow science to move a step forward so a cure could be found for potentially fatal inherited diseases, the Government has announced today. The Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA) has been asked to lead a public discussion to ask if a new scientific procedure, which could prevent women with mitochondrial disease from passing the illness to their children, should be introduced. This will be launched later this year. Mitochondrial disease is a genetic condition that affects an individual’s mitochondria – the part of the body’s … Continue reading Public Consultation on Mitochondrial disease

HM Treasury announce Banking Reforms

The Government is today publishing its response to the report by the Independent Commission on Banking (ICB), which sets out plans to fundamentally reform the structure of banking in the UK. This response agrees with the ICB’s recommendations and outlines how the Government will legislate to create a stable banking sector that supports lending to businesses and families, and removes the implicit taxpayer guarantee in the event of a bank failure. The Government will implement the ICB’s advice in stages with the full package of reforms completed by 2019. All necessary legislation will therefore be put in place by the … Continue reading HM Treasury announce Banking Reforms


This is “Bulgaria’s Abandoned Children” which was recently shown on BBC Four. The documentary uncovered the appalling treatment of disabled and autistic children in the town of Mogilino, Bulgaria. If you are affected by this programme PLEASE sign the following U.K  petition http://petitions.pm.gov.uk/Children-Dying/#detail The Lora Foundation Organisation helping special needs children in Bulgaria http://lorafoundation.co.za/ Continue reading BBC FOUR “BULGARIA’S ABANDONED CHILDREN”