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Duffy was not “Labour prop” says Danczuk

Simon Danczuk and Gillian Duffy at the MPs Rochdale Constituency Office

Simon Danczuk and Gillian Duffy at the MPs Rochdale Constituency Office

Simon Danczuk has stated in the Guardian today that Gillian Duffy’s recent encounter with Nick Clegg was not set up to be a labour stunt and that she was not used as a “prop” in any form of political ploy either by Rochadale’s local Labour group or the party itself. He stated that in a previous meeting with her that she expressed a desire herself to address the Deputy Prime Minister

Read the full article at: Guardian Online

Gillian Duffy Takes Clegg to task over Coalition Policies

"Look me in the Eye and Tell me...."

Gillian Duffy Takes Clegg to Task

Gillian Duffy, the Rochdale grandmother labeled a “bigot” by Gordon Brown during the general election campaign has tackled Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg about the Liberal Democrat coalition with the Conservatives. Mr Clegg visited Rochdale on Tuesday (12 April 2011) to announce the results of the Regional Growth Fund. On Mr Clegg’s arrival to Holroyd Precision Ltd in Milnrow, Mrs Duffy asked him to look her in the eye and tell her if he was “happy” with the current policies. Mr Clegg told Mrs Duffy that whoever was in power would be making “difficult decisions.” However, despite Mr Clegg’s answers, Mrs Duffy wasn’t impressed. She said she had heard him say the same thing on the TV and radio.

Source: Rochdale Online

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