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Sir Kim Darroch Resigns amid Boris non-support

Diplomatic row causes resignation of Kim Darroch British US Ambassador

Politically and news wise it’s been an interesting month.

News has been focused on  Brexit,  naturally, whilst we have witnessed the whittling down of candidates for new Prime Minister (Boris Johnson is the likely one in the polls to win with only the Conservative Party members and MPs decision to elect him. Then the sad almost forced resignation of Sir Kim Darroch following email leaks criticizing the Trump administration and Donald Trump personally threatening non-cooperation with the British US Ambassador.  The untenable situation for the ambassador was further compounded with an obvious absence of support from Boris Johnson during his live  televised debate with opposition candidate Jeremy Hunt who in reply to a question on the ambassadors future, supported him. The incident that ensued from the leak also brings into question how politics can affect the civil service that tries to remain obviously impartial when dealing with what looks like a chaotic diplomatic scenario under the Trump administration and a president who

The foreign office civil service is furious today describing the lack of support shown to Sir Kim by Boris (undoubtedly to keep an amicable relationship with President Donald Trump once elected as PM in two weeks).

Teresa May wanted to have a cash-giveaway before her tenure is up in two weeks including a spending plan to provide £27 Billion over 3 years on education and awarding pay raises to teachers in the plan, Some suggesting not surprisingly but perhaps cynically that the spending plans are a political sweetener before leaving office and Philip Hammond criticizing the lack of frugality of the spending plan

Teresa May the Poison Challice

Teresa May, PM and previous Home Secretary resigning over her failure to get a bill past her ‘baying for blood’ party and Conservative party eager only to see her go.


Labour Win as UKIP Challenge Tories

ImageVaultHandler.aspxAs local council election results are starting to come in across the country; the Conservatives must be wondering who look like ‘clowns’ – as UKIP have taken two county council local election seats from them following yesterdays voting – 2nd May 2013. The popularity of the independent party is probably due to voters concerns over the widening issue of Europe and possibly voters are now sympathetic to the scare mongering of it’s Party Leader, Nigel Farage concerning the immigration controls for the free passage of Romanian and Bulgarian’s within EU countries – in particular the UK in 2014.

Already a number of councils results are already coming in with many councils continuing to hold their Conservative seats.

A new Labour control of South Shields has been announced, following the call for a by-election after it’s former MP, David Miliband (brother of Labour leader Ed Miliband) resigned on the 15th April. The new MP for South Shields is Emma Lewell-Buck.

The large swing to the independent parties who are calling for tougher immigration control in the UK,  and the UK Independence Party (UKIP) who have won around 26 per cent of the vote and cost  the Conservatives control of the two councils has also seen other parties worried by what they’ve perceived to be a win purely through misinforming the countries votes with  Deputy leader of the Lib Dem‘s, Simon Hughes, urging UKIP’s  leader Nigel Farage to stop claiming 29 million Romanians and Bulgarians will arrive in Britain when travel restrictions are lifted shortly. The figure Mr Farage has stated is projected one but one calculated from statistics he felt were reliable.

So far at noon today most of the results have come through from the councils in the south of the UK; including Dorset, Hampshire, Essex, Somerset, Gloucestershire, Lincolnshire, Bristol and Hertfordshire.

More election results are expected in the North and North West, where traditionally there is expected to be more Labour controls or holds.

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