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Gervais in Twitter Argument

Ricky Gervais is currently in the midst of a heated argument with a number of fundamentalist Christians that are responding with hateful right-wing anti-gay; anti-semitic, creationist remarks to his posting.

Gervais, is an outspoken atheist, and is no  stranger to controversy especially following his remarks at the Golden Globe Awards and his recent use of the word “mong”  that some felt was an insult to people with Down’s Syndrome has obviously drawn public attention before.

However presently as he’s been holding the “12 Days of Rickmas,” jokingly inserting himself in for Jesus Christ while suggesting followers do something to save animals each day to raise awareness for animal rights organization PETA.

Gervais now though has become embroiled in arguments with Christian fundamentalists on Twitter.

One in particular, @GodsWordIsLaw, has engaged with Gervais. The Twitter user named Keith appears  stridently anti-homosexual, a creationist, and disliking other faiths. On Tuesday,  he tweeted “Happy Hanukkah to the pharisees…bah humbug #GenocideNow.”

Gervais has responded back with dialogue mocking Keith and appealling to more reasonable readers. One tweet from Gervais was “To all sane Christians. I know you’re not all like these evil fundamentalists. I don’t believe in your God but I believe in your kindness.”

Explaining his atheism  Gervais said to one newspaper “I used to believe in God. The Christian one, that is ( I was born in a country where the dominant religion was Christianity so I believed in that one. Isn’t it weird how that always happens?)…Luckily I was also interested in science and nature. And reason and logic. And honesty and truth. And equality and fairness. By the age of eight I was an atheist.”

Call for Mercy – Christian sentenced to death in Pakistan

Christian women sentenced to death in Pakistan

Asia Bibi, a Christian sentenced to death in Pakistan

Our Christ sacrificed His life on the cross for our sins. … Our Christ is alive.

Asia Bibi, a wife and mother, used these words to defend her faith against mocking co-workers who tried to make her convert to Islam. She was later convicted of blasphemy and sentenced to death.

In Pakistan, more than 150,000 Christians have signed a petition demanding justice for persecution victims, including Asia Bibi. Now you can join with The Voice of the Martyrs and our Pakistani brothers and sisters in a call for mercy. We hope to gather 1 million signatures on behalf of our sister Asia, who now sits in prison awaiting the Lahore High Court‘s ruling on her appeal.

Invite your friends to visit and add their names to the petition as well. VOM will deliver the petition, along with the list of signers, to the Pakistani Embassy in Washington DC.

For more information and the petition on behalf of Asia Bibi visit:

Boris – the Irresistible Rise

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