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BBC 3 – It Could Happen Here!

Stacey Dooley has been examining Europe‘s hardest hit countries in her new series .  This very caring an understanding journalist has produced a thought-provoking documentary series and it was so painful tonight to see the young people in Japan suffering from our worldwide recession.

Personally my belief is that the If the world economy‘s decline has been the product of the banking industries non-regulation and over-specularising on assets – toxic sub-prime mortgages and investments that completely crippled the US financial market and loans and investment on future returns that never were – in short a complete future investment catastrophe – banks were proving loans for the future based on a boom that was short-lived. The collapse of Lehman brothers was just the start of a horrible web of greed to show a ‘Alice in wonderland’ boost in banking profits.

Investment banks and hedge fund managers were delighting themselves in complete illusion while no regulation existed. They should hang their heard in shame everytime someoner in Japan or Greece takes their own life.

But at least Bob Diamond of Barclay’s‘s has secured his £2 million handshake from Barclay’s before he left the trough.


BBC – The Story of Electricity

The BBC are again showing  Professor Jim AlKhalili on BBC Four’s “Shock and Awe – The Story of Electricity”. The Story of Electricity  is quite incredible from the work of Alessandro Volta and Humphrey Davy up to the invention of electro-magnetism of Michael Faraday work and the foresight of Nikola Tesla  – this is recounted captured beautifully.

There is debate about as to where the music for the series has come from – many people on the internet seem to think it may originally be from Hans Zimmer.

What follows is the series of three parts in full (courtesy of the BBC)

Syrian Update (from the BBC)

The current news from the BBC Internet News service concerning Syria

Heavy artillery fire has been rocking Homs, as Syrian troops step up an assault on the restive city.

A BBC correspondent there describes almost constant blasts, in the fiercest attack in the 11-month uprising.

US President Barack Obama said it was important to resolve the conflict without outside military intervention.

Meanwhile, Russia and China defended their veto of a UN draft resolution criticising Syria – a move that angered opponents of President Bashar al-Assad.

Later the US State Department said it had closed its embassy in Damascus and pulled out all remaining staff because of security concerns.

A Movie! Sweetie, Darling …

Edina & Patsy

absolutely fabulous

CRACK open the Bolly sweetie darlings, Jennifer Saunders has confirmed she is going to make Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie.

The comedy was one of the biggest successes on the BBC this Christmas, pulling in nine million viewers with another episode to come on New Year’s Day.

Asked about the prospect of a movie, Saunders, 53, who plays Eddy alongside co-star Joanna Lumley, 65, said: “I’m definitely going to do it.

II’m aiming to shoot this in a beautiful part of the Riviera. I fancy the south of France in the spring.”

She will hope the film, likely to be released in 2013, will rival the success of The Inbetweeners Movie.

It was 2011’s biggest grossing British movie, taking £45million at the box office and selling more than a million DVDs, despite a budget of just £3.5million.

There will be another Ab Fab in 2012, with a storyline set around the Olympics.

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Children in Need

BBC Children in Need is now here again  – so give what you can afford!

If you can’t afford to give – try to do something to help  – remember every £5 raised and donated is given by the BBC to children both in the UK and overseas

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