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Bahrain’s Anti-Regime Attacked

In Bahrain, regime forces have once again attacked the house of Sheikh Ali Salman, the leader of the opposition al-Wefaq party. Saudi-backed regime forces also fired tear gas canisters at his car parked near his home.

Bahrain was once again the scene of nationwide anti-regime protest rally on Thursday.

The demonstration left scores of peaceful protesters injured after regime forces used rubber bullets to quell the rally.  Since mid-February, thousands of anti-regime protesters have been staging regular demonstrations in the streets of Bahrain.

Scores of people have been killed, some of them while in custody, and hundreds more detained since the uprising began.

Meanwhile today there have been peaceful protests against the regime Al-Dair area.

Syrian Activists Still Missing as Arab League imposes sanctions

Today the league of Arab States declared it’s decision to impose sanctions against Syria and of Bashar Al-Assad,  President of Syria and Regional Secretary of the Ba’ath Party.

There is also international concern over the fate of two Syrian Activists Mohamed Bachir Arab and Ahmed Omar Azoz.

The two activists have been missing from their home town of Aleppo since 2 November, raising fears that they have been arrested and are being held in secret detention where they may be at risk of torture.

Mohamed Bachir Arab and Ahmed Omar Azoz, were reportedly involved in organising peaceful protests in Aleppo. They were both in hiding from the Syrian authorities at the time they went missing, after security forces visited their homes.

According to sources, Mohamed Bachir Arab was planning to meet his friend Ahmed Omar Azoz on 2 November. The men have not been seen or heard from since.

Amnesty International Middle East and North Africa Acting Director Philip Luther said:

We are worried that the two activists have been arrested and are being held in secret detention, not only because of the recent interest the Syrian security forces have shown in them, but also because there has been a widespread pattern of activists being whisked off the streets and held in isolation from the outside world.

“The authorities should immediately disclose any information they have about their whereabouts.

“If Mohamed Bachir Arab and Ahmed Omar Azoz have indeed been arrested, they must be allowed contact with their families and given access to a lawyer immediately.”

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