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1984 – Imagine the “Future”

Source : Wikipedia

Nineteen Eighty-Four (sometimes written 1984) is a dystopian fiction written by George Orwell about a society ruled by an oligarchical dictatorship. The Oceanian province of Airstrip One is a world of perpetual war, pervasive government surveillance, and incessant public mind control. Oceania is governed by a political system euphemistically called English Socialism (Ingsoc) that guarantees privileges to a small elite of party members. But they, too, are totally subordinated to the fascist state and its godlike leader Big Brother, by way of a philosophy that decries individuality and even reason as thoughtcrime and subjects the lives of the people of Oceania to a supposed collective greater good. The main protagonist Winston Smith is himself a party member who works for the Ministry of Truth, which is in charge of propaganda and historical revisionism. Winston’s job is to change passages in past newspaper articles in such a way as to make them congruent with current party doctrine. Due to a childhood trauma which involved the assasination of both his parents by the thought police, Winston hates the Party and dreams of rebellion against Big Brother.

Manchester Pride or Rip Off?

I’d like to wish everyone that will be attending the Pride celebrations of Manchester this weekend lots of fun and enjoyment. This year attracting stars like Pixie Lott, Pan Amm and Blue and many other names probably from the entertainment business. A personal message of surrport for the event has been expressed on the Pride site  by the leaders the UK’s political  parties.

It  is no secret that the event certainly generates a fair amount of income (around £80 million between 2003-2006 alone) to the capital and it appears that the Manchester  tourist board benefit from this as well as they are partly involved in its production. But there are those that are asking about exactly how much is actually being donated to the charities that seeks to serve.

In fact its name (Carnival of Fun, Mardi Gras, GayFest, Manchester Europride and Manchester Pride) has not only changed over the years but also it’s organisation as well. Initially humble beginnings in 1990 run by the ‘Village Charity’  to today organised and produced by Manchester Pride Ltd, and there are those that question whether much more has been raised for charities that the organisers claim to help since the introduction of  ticket pricing for those attending the post parade celebrations such as the gay village’s pubs and clubs and concert  and entertainment areas (where most of the post parade celebrations takes place).

The ticket price this year will range from £20 to £25 pounds and then one would also want to add the door entry fees of £10-30 per night to enter some of the villages gay and straight friendly ‘exclusive’ clubs and that’s before you’ve bought  a drink (which some people believe to be increased also in price).

So those wishing to spend their un-recession hit ‘Pink Pound‘ could quite easily be spending over a £100 plus per day. In fact not surprisingly there are young people,  families, and individuals within  the (LGBT & heterosexual community that see it increasingly commercialised and unaffordable. has a web page entitled “manchester-pride-investigation” and it makes an interesting read and raises some interesting figures and questions as to how much is actually being raised for charity. Pride Banner & Flag

This year the organisers the Manchester Pride website included a breakdown of how much money has been donated in 2010 (and previous years).

To celebrate it’s 21st anniversary cast of the TV show Shameless  among others were involved in the short film commissioned by Manchester Pride over 19 -29 August 2011 (see below).

Blade Runner returns to screen

Return of the classic Blade RunnerNow just eight years from the wrecked, futuristic Los Angeles envisioned in the original, Ridley Scott will be helming a new entry into the iconic “Blade Runner” canon.

Deadline reports that the legendary director is set to revive the classic 1982 film, which starred Harrison Ford as Richard Deckard, who worked to capture humanoid robots before falling in love with one of them.

It’s unknown, at this point, whether the film will be a prequel, sequel, reboot or spinoff; Scott is currently finishing “Prometheus,” the Damon Lindelof-penned film that is a sort of relative to his classic, “Alien.”

Also unclear is whether Ford would return to the franchise; he is still an action star, featuring this summer in the disappointing “Cowboys & Aliens,” and recently donned his iconic hat and whip for a new entry in the “Indiana Jones” saga. Another film in that series is expected at some point, as well.

Source: Huffington Post

Dallas in 2011

The new revival in 2011 of the TV series Dallas

The new revival in 2011 of the TV series Dallas

Dallas is officially back as TV series  in Summer 2012 only on TNT in a 10 episode run.

Stars of the original series Larry Hagman, Linda Gray and Patrick Duffy reprise their roles alongside the next generation of Ewings played by Josh Henderson, Jesse Metcafe, Jordana Brewster and Julie Gonzalo.

Brenda Strong from Desperates Housewives fame also joins the cast as the latest wife of Bobby Ewing. JR is back in new chapater of the series with his son John Ross (JR Jnr.) as the man we love to hate.

The new version will focus on the Ewing offspring — J.R. Ewing’s son John Ross (Josh Henderson of Desperate Housewives), and Christopher, the adopted son of Bobby and Pam Ewing (Jesse Metcalfe of Desperate Housewives) — as they clash over the family dynasty’s future. Jordana Brewster (Fast & Furious) stars as Elena, who is involved in a love triangle with Christopher and John Ross. Julie Gonzalo (Veronica Mars) stars as Christopher’s fiancée Rebecca.

The updated Dallas will feature original series stars Larry Hagman, Patrick Duffy and Linda Gray. Hagman gained worldwide fame for his portrayal of oil baron J.R. Ewing. Gray played J.R.’s wife Sue Ellen Ewing, while Duffy portrayed J.R.’s younger brother Bobby.

Steam of life….

A film about a group of naked men in sauna’s across finland might seem an unlikely film to watch, perhaps not one which captures the idea of a real tear jerker; but Joonas Berghall and Mika Hotakainen’s “Steam of Life” is different it’s touching audiences and has won awards through its powerful well edited fly on the walll, or rather camera in a sauna in letting real men talk with friends about their hopes and fears.

Variety had the following to say about the film : “Whoever says “boys don’t cry” should watch “Steam of Life”.

Another Critic wites: “Mika Hotakainen interviewed a dozenFinnish men as they sat in saunas and steam rooms, opening up to eachother and the filmmaker team about hardships they’ve faced in life….What is revealed in Steam is that in moments ofemotional turmoil and crisis, people benefit the most merely by being heard.”

Below is the trailer from “Steam of Life”

Jodrell Bank Rocks

The University of Manchester’s Jodrell bank radio observatory in Cheshire has opened itself to live music shows and musical artisitic performances more information about this visit it’s site The video below is of Placebo who used Jodrell Bank and it’s famous Lovell Telescope as a backdrop in one of their recent videos.

Placebo – The Bitter End
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Bebo owners to buy SeeSaw

Criterion Capital Partners, the US investment Criterion Capital who bought Bebo for at a low price looks ready to now take over the online TV service SeeSaw.

SeeSaw-owner Arqiva, the broadcast transmission company, is close to signing an 11th-hour deal.

The company had planned to close the online service which employs 28 staff after it couldn’t find a buyer following a strategic review by
Ingenious Media.

Ryan Dunn Jackass star killed in car crash amidst accusation of Drink Driving

Ryan Dunn one of the main stars of Jackass and brother of Johnny Knoxville died yesterday in a car crash. Both he and a passenger died when the car they were travelling in – Dunn’s Porsche 911 – hit a tree and burst into flames in West Goshen, Pennsylvania.

The 34-year-old, who was driving the vehicle has already suffered accusation that he was drunk while driving – this follows comments on twitter by the US film critic Roger Ebert. Ebert is refusing to apologise over his accuations on twitter.

Super Injunctions are being challenged

The following has been posted on Twitter:

“Footballer ************* had an extramarital affair with Big Brother star Imogen Thomas which lasted for 7 months. #superinjunction
8 May via web Favorite Retweet Reply ”

Source :!/InjunctionSuper

See also

Woman dials 999 to report snowman theft in Kent

A woman who dialled 999 to report the theft of a snowman from outside her home has been branded “completely irresponsible” by Kent Police.

Source: BBC News

“Steam of Life” – Cicero Lounge Film Review

A film about a group of naked men in sauna’s across finland might seem an unlikely film to watch, perhaps not one which captures the idea of a real tear jerker; but Joonas Berghall and Mika Hotakainen’s "Steam of Life" is different it’s touching audiences because it’s about REAL men, with REAL stories, and REAL emotion.

Variety had the following to say about the film : "Whoever says "boys don’t cry" should watch "Steam of Life,"

Another Critic wites:
"Mika Hotakainen interviewed a dozen
Finnish men as they sat in saunas and steam rooms, opening up to each
other and the filmmaker team about hardships they’ve faced in life….
What is revealed in Steam is that in moments of
emotional turmoil and crisis, people benefit the most merely by being

J M Jarre Concert in Manchester

Congratulations to this years MOJO Lifetime Achievement! (the extended Oxygene 4 above is worth is a thank you) and Mr. Jarre will be performing in Manchester at the MEN Arenaon 09-10-2010.




“JEREMY KYLE” Liked or Loathed?

This is Jon Culshaw’s impersonation of the “Jeremy Kyle show”, perhaps it does show the host as one who plays judge and jury, what do you think do you like him or loathe him?

A good article can be read in the media section of this
weekends Observer on this modern day TV phenomena that is the Jeremy Kyle Show.
For the full article see:


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