About Cicero Lounge

Cicero’s (previously Cicero Lounge)  was initially created as a Blog on Windows Live, and succeeded Cicero BBS (based in London) which was operational from 1992-1997. Cicero BBS was a popular bulletin board system that uniquely in the UK discussed human rights; social activism, news, legal issues and political and various socialist political ideals. It was among only a handful of BBS to do this – others included Indra Sinha (Booker Prize winning author) “Butterfly Effect BBS”, David Bell’s “Rainbows End BBS”,  and solicitor David Swarbrick’s “Just Mooting” legal BBS.

The idea to turn my BBS into a website seemed the best idea in 2008 as I’ve always been active in messaging and writing – the original BBS was proud to carry Amnesty International Urgent actions through their kind news feeds from their domain mailer and other echomail political alerts on agitation and activism. The website wanted to continue this tradition.

The move from Window’s Live groups to WordPress was helped greatly by the use of a very successful import/export software program to which this Blog is grateful – and although it might seem just a blog that posts news items the plan in the future is to ensure the news stories are more original – I would like to thank the people to whom whose articles have been re-published (with source information where possible). Many thanks to in particular BBC News, FAS, COI, The MoD, and many daily periodicals I’ve read and lovingly re-produced on this blog. Cicero’s offers news and entertainment, and is unashamedly and predominately veers towards a U.K. socialist and left-wing political stance

Cicero (Marcus Tullio Cicero) himself, a vowed Republican in Rome was a proponent for seeking truth and political justice. He was a statesman; political essayist, and accomplished orator. His writings examined Roman war and the politics of the state in his time and he of course greatly contributed to Classical Roman literature.

Please note this blog is published by only one person – so I enjoy any comments you may have.

Enjoy Reading.

Cicero – R.K.

Feb. 2011

13 thoughts on “About Cicero Lounge

    1. Thanks for your comment. I’m not really sure about that question and how best to answer the question as Assad’s security forces and the current war in Syria is still ongoing and there is constant news of human rights atrocities taking place within his country yet the rest of the world still seems loathed to take any direct involvement.

  1. What made you choose Cicero (other than your brief aforementioned description). What do you think of Marcus Aurelius? Just curious, as you seem to be well read. Ps, I found out about this website/blog after I was commenting on a great android wallpaper and another commenter who gave a positive review, was named cicerolounge lol. Probably a coincidence.

    1. Thanks Charlie. I get about. As for Marcus Aurelius his great classic meditations proved what a stoic thinker he was. A great law maker and interpreter. Titus, Nerva, Trajan, Hadrian, Antoninus, and Marcus the five good emperors. I chose Cicero because he was a political theorist, the name just happened really and it sounds good and also I get to talk to good people like yourself of course.

  2. Hi Cicero I like what done with your blog very Interesting and a wealth of information.
    Looking good me ol mucka.
    Hope you are well n hope to speak soon.

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