Steve Brine MP Lobbied Head of NHS

BREAKING: The Chair of the Health and Social Care Select Committee, Steve Brine MP, is under investigation after allegations he lobbied the head of the NHS on behalf of a firm he received money from. 

According to reporting on Matt Hancock’s leaked WhatsApp messages, Steve Brine MP, who is Chair of the Health and Social Care Committee in Parliament, may have lobbied for the NHS to hire medical staff from a recruitment firm that was paying him £1,600 a month.

The Health Select Committee is supposed to scrutinise the Government’s running of the NHS – our most beloved public service – on behalf of the British public. We need the person running it to be someone we can rely on to ensure the Government is held to account. That person cannot be someone under investigation for lobbying on behalf of a for-profit recruitment firm.

The pressure is mounting. Even a former Conservative Health Secretary says he should “consider his position”. [5] But what’s missing is our voice. If tens of thousands of us add our names to an open letter, we can make it clear to Steve Brine that someone under investigation for breaking lobbying rules cannot continue to represent us, the British public, whilst he is under investigation for breaking lobbying rules. He should do the honourable thing and step down now

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