Daniel Peacock – Actor turned hero

Daniel Peacock was born in 1958 in Hammersmith, London, and attended Ashmole School.

He has had success as a television series writer, director and actor. He starred in several television series, including Assaulted Nuts, The Young Ones, Little Armadillos, Only Fools and Horses, Robin of Sherwood, The Bill, Doctor Who and Casualty.

He appeared in many films, including Bloody Kids, The Supergrass, Riding High, Porridge, Quadrophenia, and Gandhi.

The very versatile 64-year-old actor has taken on a role at Hastings Court Care Home in East Sussex these days as a entertainment worker and carer at the home and says he finds the work more inspiring than anything he’s ever done


Daniel . Peacock has been a carer at Hastings Court Care Home in East Sussex from about 2019, earning her a nomination for a National Care Award in 2022. When Daniel’s own father, the great Trevor Peacock from “The Vicar of Dibley” was told he had Alzheimer’s disease, he began caring for the elderly. The Only Fools and Horses actor, better known by his stage as “Mental Mickey,” stated he is working in a care facility and living in a campervan. The Barnet resident, 64, has been an actor for more than 40 years, but she just accepted a position at the East Sussex facility Hastings Court Care Home. The star, who commutes from his camper in Cobham, Kent, claims that he has never found a job that has been more motivating than what he now offers people.

This is a man who needs no introduction, but a great man who maybe one day we might again see on our screens.

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