DWP: £1,000 Cost of Living Assistance available in 2023

For those already struggling with the cost of living crisis, Christmas can really pile on the pressure. But there are many ways you can claim support for your household or family if you need it.

Household Support Fund – £300

  • The government allocated £400 million to the Household Support Fund in October. Local authorities will decide which residents are eligible for help.

Winter Fuel Payment – up to £600

  • Older people born before September 26, 1956 may be eligible for a Winter Fuel Payment of between £250 and £600 to help them pay their heating bills.

Energy cost of living payments – £67

  • The £400 discount is being paid to consumers in six monthly instalments over winter through their energy suppliers, without any need to apply.

Cold Weather Payment – £25

  • Cold Weather Payments were reintroduced on November 1 and will run until March 31, 2023. They are worth £25 and are handed out to eligible households if you are experiencing very cold weather over a consecutive period longer than 7 days.

Healthy Start

  • Families and pregnant women on a low income can use the Healthy Start scheme to buy milk, fruit, vegetables, instant formula, tinned pulses and some multivitamins.

UK Families and Household should also receive £900 in government support in 2023- who’s eligible

  • The government is set to hand out another lump sum of £900 in Cost of Living Payments next year, in addition to benefits uprating, which is worth £11 billion to working age households and disabled people.

New Cost of Living Payments for pensioners:

  • More than eight million pensioner households will receive an additional £300 Cost of Living Payment for pensioners in 2023-24 to help with bills. This payment will be tax-free and will not impact existing benefit awards.

New Disability Cost of Living Payments for people on disability benefits:

  • In 2023-24, more than six million people on eligible disability benefits will receive a further £150 Disability Cost of Living Payment.

Benefits uprating:

  • The government is increasing benefits in line with inflation, which will cost £11 billion next year, but more than 10 million working age families will see their benefit payments rise.

Pension uprating:

  • The triple lock will increase the State Pension by 10.1 per cent in April 2023, and protect 1.4 million pensioner households from inflation by increasing Pension Credit by 10.1 per cent.
  • Tens of thousands of families face effective tax rates of at least 80% in a benefits double-whammy as the cost-of-living rises, experts warn. They say that 50,000 families are currently in this trap, and that 90,000 could be caught up in it by 2030. Universal Credit claimants lose 55p of benefits for every £1 they earn over a certain threshold, while parents on child benefit must back 1% of their child benefit for every £100 they earn over £50,000.
  • The Resolution Foundation said that the tax rates for families with three children could rise as high as 96%, and that the number of families affected will almost double by the end of the decade.
  • Treasury spokesperson said: “We are committed to supporting families with children, which is why we have increased child benefit and child tax credits in line with inflation this year and made changes to Universal Credit.”