Trump Guilty of Tax Crimes, whilst Zahawi’s YouGov also Avoids Taxes

The family real estate business of former US President Donald Trump has been found guilty of tax offences.
It was a protracted case that brought attention to issues with the tax affairs of a group connected to a significant and potent political figure.
Allegations regarding the tax affairs of the wealthy and powerful annoy the people more than few other things. Voters must have confidence in politicians’ tax planning strategies.

Tax avoidance by UK’s politicians too, as Chancellor sees his legal team for YouGov referred to Solicitors Authority over avoidance of paying tax.

Former tax lawyer Dan Neidle this week referred the solicitors of current Chancellor of the Exchequer Nadhim Zahawi to the Solicitors Regulatory Authority (SRA). Concerns concerning suspected tax evasion by Nadhim Zahawi in relation to YouGov, a business that the former Chancellor co-founded, were brought up by Neidle.

After receiving correspondence from the former Chancellor’s solicitors, Osborne Clarke, threatening libel action, Neidle filed a complaint with the legal regulator. In a recent warning to solicitors, the regulator cautioned against using so-called “SLAPPs,” or “strategic lawsuits against public participation,” against journalists and campaigners.

It’s critical that the general public have confidence in the tax system. This action by the solicitor’s regulator should boost the trust of activists, journalists, and other people whose duty it is to hold politicians accountable.

Wealth tax development

The power corridors are hearing a message. In a crowded chamber on Tuesday, MPs from all political parties listened to justifications for wealth taxes in Parliament. At the meeting, it was mentioned that a Tax Justice UK study suggested that wealth taxes might raise £37 billion. (And also mentioned in this morning’s New York Times, as well.)

Members of the Patriotic Millionaires, including Gary Stevenson, and the academic who oversaw the Wealth Tax Commission, Arun Advani, who advocated for new wealth taxation measures.