Mass Graves in Izium Show Cost of Russia’s Aggression

The discovery of mass graves in Izium district of Ukraine confirms the dark cost of Russian aggression

Amnesty International’s Director for Eastern Europe and Central Asia responded to the reported discovery of a mass burial site.
“These newly reported discoveries confirm our darkest fears. The people of Ukraine and the world deserve to know how exactly those buried in the forest near Izium have died.For every unlawful killing or other war crime, there must be justice and reparation for victims and their families and a fair trial and accountability for suspected perpetrators.

“We reiterate our call for the international community to provide resources to assist Ukraine in securing evidence and conducting the necessary investigations into how these people died and who was responsible. Those who commit or order crimes under international law should remember: there is no statute of limitation, and justice will catch up with them”

Amnesty sounded the alarm bell over the fate of civilians in Izium, Ukraine, after the Ukrainian authorities discovered an improvised grave site in a nearby forest where they counted more than 440 recent burials.

Evidence of the mass burials of civilians in Izium, Ukraine are now being regarded as another war-crime by the international community

In order to deal with the large number of victims, particularly those from the Russian forces’ intense shelling of the town in February and March of this year, the grave site was hastily prepared. This article is supported by images and eyewitness accounts that local media gathered.

Journalists noted that while the majority of the wooden crosses on the graves merely had numbers, a few of them carry names of those believed to be buried under them. One of these crosses is on a mass grave and indicates that 17 Ukrainian troops are interred there.