Wennington Residents Return to Fire Damaged Homes

Residents who were impacted by the fire that engulfed a row of homes and completely destroyed a town in Wennington, East London on July 19 have been permitted to return to their homes to survey the damage.

During Britain’s record-breaking heatwave, the fire occurred. On Sunday, residents came back to see if they could recover anything. It happened during Britain’s record-breaking heatwave, when firefighters in London had their busiest day since bombs dropped during World War II.

A resident who lost his parents’ home in the fire came back on Sunday to see if he could save anything. Speaking to the media, he declared that he didn’t want his parents to visit the property again. He reportedly gave parents the advice to “best to keep the memories you got”.

Studies show that the likelihood of temperatures in the UK hitting 40 degrees Celsius is now 10 times higher than it was in the pre-industrial age, prompting climate experts to warn that global warming is increasing the frequency of extreme weather events. Climate change-related heat waves and drought have also made it more difficult to put out flames.

According to a commander at the London Fire Brigade, the UK’s harsher summers increase the likelihood that tragedies like this fire will occur again. Below the local Havering newspaper show the devastation of the fire that took place 5 days ago on the 19th July 2022.