Boris Johnson : “Will I Stay or Will I Go”

Boris Johnson is battling to stay in office after 40 ministers resigned in the past day.

Mr Johnson’s premiership has been plunged into crisis following the dramatic resignations of Chancellor Rishi Sunak and Health Secretary Sajid Javid on Tuesday. Their departures triggered a wave of resignations from more junior roles that has continued on Wednesday.

Mr Johnson has admitted it was a bad mistake to appoint Mr Pincher, despite being aware of misconduct allegations against him, where it is alleged he proposed drunkenly to male collegues in PArtliament and is accused of fondling two male MPs. Mr Quince has said Downing Street gave him inaccurate information, and has resigned.

The prime minister’s relations with his backbenchers have been damaged by the Partygate scandal and unhappiness over tax rises. However, rebel Tories want to scrap the year-long gap between contests.

So far Mr Johnson has not resigned even after Parliamentary Standards Committee asking whether should now resign or face a dissolution of Parliament and a possible no-confidence vote and whether the Queen should now dissolve parliament over integrity issues after a large part of his cabinet are resigning.

Today earlier it seemed to be ‘business as usual’ for the PM, but his fate now seems through a meeting the 1922 Backbenchers senior members will seal his fate, in determining whether they decide to call for a vote of no-confidence and whether he should resign or remain.