President Biden Visits Robb Elementary School

The President and First Lady Biden visited the memorial outside Robb Elementary school, laid white roses in front of the school’s sign, and met with protesters who pleaded with the president to “do something”.

Mckinzie Hinojosa whose cousin Eliahana Torres was killed in the racially motivated shooting last Tuesday, said she respected Mr Biden’s decision to mourn with the people of Uvalde, but wanted change.

Accompanying the Bidens was Texas governor Greg Abbott, a Republican who is a staunch supporter of gun rights. The couple also met the families who lost loved ones, survivors and first responders of the tragedy to hear their stories and offer consolation. The trip to Uvalde marks Mr Biden’s third presidential visit on account of a mass shooting, having paid his respects to the 10 victims of a gun attack on a supermarket in Buffalo earlier this month.

A armed gunman opened fire on School children at Robb Elementary School last Tuesday

The US Justice Department is reviewing law enforcement’s response to the Robb Elementary tragedy amid contradictory accounts of what transpired. It also wants to identify lessons learned and best practices to help first responders prepare for and respond to active shooter events.

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