Russian Soldier’s Intercepted Call Claims “Suicide Squad” killings of civilians

According to a statement released by the Ukraine Security Service on Thursday, May 26, a leaked Russian soldier claimed they perpetrated multiple deaths of civilians as part of a “Suicide Squad.”

The Ukrainian Security Service shared an audio clip of the suspected suicide squad of a Russian soldier on Twitter, stating:

‘Security Service of Ukraine receives extensive confirmation of murders of civilians by Russian invaders . The Russian occupants are using grenades to “clean out” basement premises where civilians are sheltered from shelling. This is evidenced by a new phone conversation, which the SBU managed to intercept.’

In the call they intercepted a Russian soldier admits to the following “…We clear basements, you know how? We don’t ask who’s there, we throw grenades, whatever. Our squad is called a suicide squad, a thug squad,” a Russian soldier who was in Kharkivshchyna told his friend.

He reassured her that he said it was common practice. And at the same time he recounts how the invaders from another unit mocked and assaulted the woman.

“And among his “achievements” he states: “I’m doing it here, in general. I f**k everybody, I don’t give a f**k: civilians, not civilians. I can just take a knife and cut their ears off.”

‘He says he will do it in Ukraine. Though it is unjustified optimism to make any far-reaching plans from his side. The Ukrainian guards are doing their job well.’

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