Putin’s £4 Million Missile Hits Beach Toilet

Another Russian offensive failed last weekend when a £4 million missile strike destroyed nothing more than a beach toilet. Russian commanders appeared to get their target mixed up as they advanced on the Ukrainian city of Odessa, a vital strategic target for Vladimir Putin, when one rocket wiped out little more than a seaside convenience and bath.

The Southern Ukrainian Operational Command confirmed that the public beach toilet and bathroom facility was destroyed saying: “Another missile strike with the use of aircraft was inflicted on the Odesa region,” it read, continuing “With air-based missiles, the enemy significantly ‘damaged the air’ in the southern Odesa region. The beach toilet was destroyed.” In a more sombre tone the Ukrainian command centre added “Apart from the hopelessly lost conscience and reputation of the aggressor, there were no other losses.”
People who took to social media in the aftermath of the attack were quick to share their reactions to the missile strike and couldn’t help but insult the Russian army. “A Russian ballistic missile worth $5 million just hit a public toilet on the beach in Odessa,” Ukrainian military journalist Mykola Vorobiov reported. Do you have any suggestions for a better military investment?”

Another person joked on the incident “This successful attack will surely break the backbone of the 35th Ukrainian Odessa Public Toilet Battalion, the lynchpin of the Ukrainian coastal defences”

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