BBC’s New Comedy “Here We Go” Review

In their new series “Here We Go” on BBC One and BBC iPlayer, the BBC has created a comedic classic chronicling the life of the Jessop family.

Alison Steadman (Gavin & Stacey, as well as the iconic Mike Leigh play “Abigail’s Party”),
Katherine Parkinson (The IT Crowd), Jim Howick (Ghosts), Tom Basden (After Life), Freya Parks
(School’s Out Forever), and Tori Allen-Martin are among the all-star cast (London Kills).

Here We Go, written by Tom Basden and produced by BBC Studios Comedy Productions, follows the Jessop family as they face a variety of life’s challenges, including changing careers,
maintaining a marriage’s romance, adopting a healthier lifestyle, kidnapping a dog, destroying a swimming pool, and sabotaging a wedding.

The series follows their youngest son Sam, who filmed his family’s tragic attempt to carve out a holiday in the midst of the pandemic in the 2020 pilot episode “Pandemonium.”
Each episode jumps back and forth in time, providing an intimate, observant, and humorous portrait of a modern British family trying its hardest to support one another while also
aggravating everyone else.

Despite the fact that nothing goes as planned for the Jessops, their tenacious spirit sees them find unexpected joy among disappointment and laugh in the face of calamity, providing a
plethora of humorous moments for spectators to enjoy

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