UK’s Artificial Intelligence Ten Year Strategy

The UK government recently announced that it will spend up to £23 million to create up to 2,000 artificial intelligence (A.I.) scholarships across England. This will help those with non-STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) degrees get into master’s programmes.

This is one step in the 10-year AI national strategy to make Britain a world leader in AI. Britain is not alone in it’s desire to develop leading AI systems and technology the OECD information shows that many other countries are endeavouring to do just this.

The UK must find a way to keep up with the US and China in the global data protection race.

The signs are promising. AI is an unstoppable force in our economy, with UK businesses spending £63bn on AI technology and AI-related labour in 2020 alone.

Could the future of A.I. be in Britain’s hands?

Even though AI is surrounded by a lot of hype, it can help us save the environment, cure disease and explore the universe. Researchers agree that AI is transforming how we work, live, wage war, and even understand what it means to be human.

The United Kingdom must choose between putting ethics in AI at the core of their strategy or leaving it as an option. The world wide web designer Sir Tim Berners-Lee explained, ethics is about designing the world we want to live in.

A new role is emerging: technology ethicist, but its contours are still being shaped.

Technology ethicists might have trained in law, data science, design or philosophy or as artists or designers. They might be employed by universities or in thinktanks, NGOs, private companies or government.

The people working in these projects are working to make government websites accessible for all UK inhabitants, to force the government to reveal its algorithm, and to protect children online.

The UK has leading technology ethicists who can help ensure that ethics is embedded in our AI strategy.

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