US Warns of Imminent Russian Invasion of Ukraine

The US has warned that Russia has the soldiers in position to attack Ukraine “at any time,” and that American citizens should evacuate within the next 48 hours.

The White House stated on Friday that an invasion may begin with aircraft bombing, which would make escape impossible and put people in peril.

Despite massing more than 100,000 troops along the Ukrainian border, Moscow has denied any ambitions to attack the country.

Many of the other nations have advised their nationals to flee Ukraine. The United Kingdom, Canada, the Netherlands, Latvia, Japan, and South Korea are among them. Western nations, according to Russia’s foreign ministry, are circulating misleading information.

Russian forces are now “in a position to conduct a significant military strike,” according to US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan.

In statements perceived as a dramatic increase in the severity of US officials’ warnings, US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan said Russian troops were now “in a position to be able to launch a major military assault.”

“Of course, we can’t forecast the future; we don’t know what will happen,” he continued, “but the danger is now great enough, and the threat is now immediate enough that [leaving] is wise.”

Mr. Sullivan went on to say that the administration didn’t know if Russian President Vladimir Putin had made a final decision to invade, but that the Kremlin was seeking for a pretext to justify military action, which he suggested might begin with heavy aircraft bombing.

His remarks came after US authorities issued a warning over the build-up of Russian forces have been stationed near Ukraine’s borders for the last week, and military drills in the Black Sea are scheduled in the coming days.

The surge in Russian military near the border was previously described by US Secretary of State Antony Blinken as “extremely worrying indicators of Russian escalation.”

“We’re in a timeframe where an invasion may start at any time,” Mr Blinken added. “To be clear, it includes during the Olympics.”

In the case of Russian intervention, President Biden has stated that he will not send soldiers to rescue any civilians who are left trapped.

On Friday, President Trump convened a video chat with transatlantic leaders in which they agreed on coordinated steps to punish Russia economically if it attacked Ukraine.

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