Britain Welcomes Afghan Refugees

Residents of the UK have expressed their readiness to accept refugees from Afghanistan. According to The Guardian, more than 1.5 thousand people left applications on the websites of charitable organizations that are engaged in the accommodation of refugees from different countries.

998 people have published announcements that they are ready to provide housing for evacuated citizens of Afghanistan, on the online platform Rooms for Refugees. The organisation is based in Glasgow and has partnered with British Red Cross, the Scottish Refugee Council and Freedom From Torture.

Refugees at Home has received 824 requests in the past two weeks. Co-founder Sarah Nathan said that she and her colleagues have to refuse those homeowners who do not live in London, Manchester, Bristol, Birmingham and Glasgow, since most refugees choose to live in these cities.

Collections for living supplies for refugees are being conducted by many UK charities

Airbnb has promised to house 20,000 Afghan refugees for free, but it is not yet known for how long. Some Britons have told local authorities about the possibility of accepting foreigners, but the regions do not yet know how many refugees will be sent to them.

British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace said that the UK evacuated more than 13 thousand people from Afghanistan,

Source:  Kommersant

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