Crimes That Changed the Law – the Murder of Maxwell Confait

Crimes that Changed the Law – Interrogation and P.A.CE.


How a 1970s miscarriage of justice involving three teenage boys would lead to a radical overhaul of police powers and a brand new method of investigation

The Murder of Maxwell Confait in 1972 . Maxwell was a male prostitute who was known as Michelle and lived on Dogget Street in Catford in London SE6. His murder and the subsequent trial and conviction of three young men over his death led to a reforming of the way Police would deal with the detaining and interviewing process that led to the passing of the Police and Criminal Evidence Act in 1984.

Three young adolescent boys ; Colin Lattimore, Ronald Leighton, and Ahmed Salih were arrested by the Police and after their ‘interrogation’ the police obtained confessions not only to the arson that they been known to have perpetrated but, more importantly, their written confession to the murder of Maxwell Confait. Two of…

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