59th US Presidential Inauguration


America inaugurates it’s 46th President, Joe Biden today. Heralding the return of an administration of honesty; diplomacy, fairness and decency not seen since President Obama’s two- terms in office.

Today Washington DC is a militarised zone on high alert and the inauguration ceremony will take place behind a ring of steel and barbed wire, there are thousands of national guard troops deployed due to the event’s on 6th June when the Capitol building was laid siege.

It’s clear that the new President Joe Biden takes on the almost impossible task of reuniting a politically fractured and divided USA. Perhaps his first task will be to convince the disaffected and self-perceived ‘disenfranchised’ MAGA Pro-Trump supporters that he wants to see America united and dispel the perception the Democratic Party as merely a bureaucratic Washington powerhouse. As Michael Moore highlighted in his recent documentary “Farenheit 11/9” post 2016 elections, Donald Trump was merely the obvious conclusion or conduit of the disaffected Republican voters keen for tighter immigration control, tax cuts, and protectionist US economy.

In his leaving speech on Tuesday Donald Trump showed a surprising concession to his successor asking people to pray for success of the new administration, but hinted of his desire to return to power, he said “the movement we started is only just beginning”

Joe Biden’s said in his ‘Delaware Send Off’ address in his Delaware: “I know these are dark times but there’s always light,” he said. “I’m truly honoured to be your next president and commander-in-chief and I’ll always be a proud son of the state of Delaware.”

At the core of his message Joe Biden is calling for healing, unity and redeeming the soul of America. His administration will be looking to tackle  “four crises” facing the US: Coronavirus, Racial inequality, the Economy, and Climate change.

Biden recently pledged a  much needed $1.9tn financial fiscal stimulus and promised the delivery of 100 million Covid-19 vaccinations during his first 100 days in office.

Donald Trump has previously stated he will not be attending the inauguration of his successor. He also awaits his second impeachment.

Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. 46th President of the United States, A Democratic Party member, Biden served as the 47th vice president during the Obama administration from 2009 to 2017

Kamala Devi Harris, Vice-Preident of the United States. She is not only the first women but also the first black -American politician to hold office of Vice President of the United States and was previously a junior US senator from California.

Below is Today’s inauguration starting at 12.00 (EST) or 15.00 GMT

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