QAnon Shaman Lawyer calls for Presidential Pardon

In a what can only be described as a stroke of genius in an interview on the Chris Cuomo talk show, Albert Watkins the lawyer representing Jacob Chansley (or Jake Angeli) the “QAnon Shaman” who was amongst angry rioters who stormed the Capital building last week has called on Donald Trump to admit that he did indeed incite the crowds to attack the Congress last week, referring to the current President’s influence over his ‘Patriotic’ republican followers as being akin to the ‘Jonestown’ suicide massacre of the followers of the Peoples Temple in Guyana 1978.

Victims of the Jonestown Massacre led by the charismatic ‘cult’ leader Reverend Jim Jones in the mass suicide in Jonestown, Guyana in 1978

Albert Watkins said his client was merely ‘answering the call of our President.’ speaking on Cuomo Prime Time, Mr Watkins said that Mr Trump should realise that his words did influence his followers to take siege of the Capital’s Congress Building.

He said it would be appropriate for Donald Trump to pardon his client; with Mr Cuomo hit back at the idea as being absurd. However here at Cicero’s we marvel at such Machiavellian plea-bargaining and political manipulation.

It’s one of the most effective hanging-rope the President’s been offered – a good old double edged sword in all it’s glory. President Trump would be ‘Damned if you Do! Damned if you Don’t!’ as one person on twitter described it.

If the President takes up his offer (which he’s probably shrewd enough not to do), he risks alienating himself from his followers, If he does; which is within his power, then he risks alienating himself from the rest of the World.

Jacob Chansley (Angeli) is a US ex-Army veteran, who is, his defence maintains to all intent and purpose is a non-violent individual, without any criminal record.

Mr Chansley nicknamed “QAnon Shaman” and “Yellowstone Wolf” is a pagan practitioner and a ‘spiritual’ advisor, and a well-known supporter of the QAnon conspiracy in the Arizona area who was arrested Saturday for his role in the violent protest that saw the siege of the Capitol on the 6th January 2021.

Angeli has also set up his own business called Star Seed Academy where he sells online courses on how to combat “dark forces” for $44.44. Angeli has been on the right-wing radar since 2019 when he first started sporting his distinctive look at pro-Trump and QAnon rallies.  A prolific protester he has previously had bizarre protests in his local area about FBI conspiracies in Arrowhead Mall in Glendale, Arizona and was part of a crowd of Trump supporters chanting “stop the steal” in Arizona.

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