Jeremy Kyle Show Axed


This is Jon Culshaw’s impersonation of the “Jeremy Kyle show”, showing the protagonist in all his glory as judge and jury dealing with the lives of his guests. Some have described the show from the outset as a modern day form of live tv ‘bear baiting’. It has however consistently had a large share of afternoon television rating and was one of ITV’s most popular shows, it was the anglicised version of precursory show’s such as the US “Jerry Springer Show”, and in Britain “Trisha” (now shown on UK’s Channel 5). The Jeremy Kyle show format differed though in so far as the fact that ultimately it’s host gave his own opinion and judgement on his guest’s life situations.

What do you think do you like him or loathe him?

After 14 years on television and with guests saying the show changed their life or ruined it; the show’s final date was 10th May 2019 following the death of a guest participant, Steve Dymond who took his life due to his split with his partner following a lie detector result on the show which ITV has decided not to broadcast.

A former guest Dwayne Davison in an interview with the Guardian newspaper said following his appearance on the Jeremy Kyle Show he was labelled the most hated Jeremy Kyle guest ever.  He struggled for work and was mocked in the street as a result, and tried to kill himself after sustained public shaming.

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“It’s the worst thing that has ever happened in my life,” Davison said. “They put the spoon in and stirred around my whole life.”  Mr Davison said the show provoked participants into causing offence;  believing footage was edited in such a way to portray guests unfavourably and that attempts at aftercare belied due to the production team’s use of footage.

.I read a great article about the show a few years ago from the media section of the Guardian from an original article in the Observer on the modern day TV phenomena that is the “Jeremy Kyle Show”.

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