The Anti-Austerity March Liverpool 20th June 2015


This is a peaceful non-violent anti austerity protest beginning at 12:30 on June 20th. The march will meet at the Liverpool Central station by th end of Bold Street and wait there until 1pm and it’s sponsors are also asking those attending to also make local members of the public aware of the march by talking to those who also might be interested in attending the march.

From it’s starting point the March will lead on to Queen Vic statue at courts and stop there to carry on protesting! The official protest will end between 3:30-4 but those attending are welcome to stay later and keep the fun and the gathering going.

Those attending the demonstration are being asked to bring respective banners – union, work, organisations involved and other pressure groups and at lunchtime members of march are welcome to bring food for themselves and those who no food and/or homeless person you see.

Organisers also have music organised  from Tommy C, Wayne Walsh, and Michael O’Farrell.

As the event is a peaceful one nobody is asked to bring any form of weapon and naturally the police in London have been notified of the event taking place and will be supervising the event for the safety of the public also local trade unions have been contacted and made aware of the event.  Organisers emphasise the event is a peaceful one and  warn those attending that any offensive, or judgemental comments or violence will see those people asked to leave the march. Those wishing to help out with the event please contact Sarah or Augie  on the Anti-Austerity Facebook Page. –

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