Amnesty – It Starts With A Letter


Amnesty International was started in 1961 by a lawyer called Peter Benenson who had heard of the arrest of two Portuguese students imprisoned for raising a toast to freedom.

It has grown to an international movement – and it all started with putting a pen to paper to help another human being gain their human rights (as provided in Universal Declaration of Human Rights created after the World War II).

On a personal note I’ve had the opportunity to have got involved in letter writing for Amnesty over the years and it’s great to be called upon by an organization like Amnesty to appeal for the release or fair trial of an individual. Amnesty’s intelligence gathering is like no other organization I know of, if a person’s life is in imminent danger of execution the organization immediately rallies millions of people to call for clemency and justice.

I urge any person who wants to join this organisation to do so and experience the opportunity of getting involved in their local group

Corby meets at Amnesty International every Thursday of the second day of the month

For more information visit :

As Rt. Hon Jack Straw MP, says in this documentary – “If people do nothing, nothing will happen!”

Below is it’s history. Go to Amnesty

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