Peace on the up and up

697957610-2Research into violent crime has seen a ‘substantial and dramatic’ fall according to research into the levels of crime conducted by the Institute for Economics and Peace.

Britain’s murder rate fell from 1,255 to 993 per 100,000 people according to a nationwide index on the level of crime and in particular the low existence of it.

Areas that have been recognized highly as the areas where violent crime has least are to be found in Norfolk; Hertfordshire and  South Cambridgeshire – with Broadland in Norfolk topping the research poll on crime reduction nationwide.

The Institute research found that the fall over the last decade of homicide in the UK now at its lowest level since 1978; roughly equivalent to that of the Western European average. Unfortunately it is significantly higher in terms of violent crime than the EU average.

It is believed changes in Police practice and technological advances such as CCTV; an aging population, the fall in alcohol consumption,  and the introduction of a minimum wage could be some of the contributing factors for the downward trend in crime – in particular homicide.

Although alcohol related crimes are believed to have fallen slightly drug offences have increased over the last ten years.Officers said that the police’s efforts in tackling gun and knife attacks, domestic assault and incidents relating to alcohol misuse has started to show its overall impact on levels of violent crime.

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