Stacey Dooley Investigates

Stacey Dooley has been examining Europe’s hardest hit countries in her new series .  This very caring an understanding journalist has produced thought-provoking documentaries and in one of her recent ones it was almost unbelievable to witness the pressures among the young people in Japan suffering the effects arising from a current worldwide recession.

Stacey discovers that the economic collapse of countries financial markets and the pressure is leading some to in Japan to take their lives. Young people saddled with debts and seeing no clear way forward feeling pressure to be successful taking on often more than one job, and some even taking their lives due to economic uncertainties. 

Stacey has been reporting now for many years, her television documentaries are focused on women worldwide. Her investigation series has been watched by millions; and she has interviewed ISIS brides, been to some of the most war-torn countries, talked to those involved in sex-trade and even talked to woman who’ve been coerced into becoming ‘suicide bombers’.

Below Stacey examines exactly what life is like for those homeless in Detroit. 


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