Checkers and Rally’s – Undercover Boss USA

Rick Silva CEO of a fast food company Checkers and Rally broke the rules of the normal “Undercover Boss USA”, when he on his first night closed one of his outlets down due to lack of training; lack of food quality and after witnessing a newly appointed untrained manager over-pressuring his staff to the point of actually being  rude to them. The manager said he was merely following the company’s need for fast delivery in the restaurant and had only three weeks training himself. After witnessing this and the confession of a chef who said he’d trained himself and was hoping to go to a college to study a degree in catering – he closed the restaurant over food not being cooked at his correct standard and called for training of all staff on working politely as a team and  quality in his food over speed of food delivery.  The chef later was provided a college place to take his degree with the approval of the company and his degree course fully paid for by the company.  

The show is an insight into how good bosses really work well at analyzing their company’s performance and is broadcast over here in the UK and the US.

Having worked for great companies and bosses in my time – I love this show personally, as it shows how good bosses are investors in people and the show highlights the bosses warmth and sensitivity towards their staff because they work hard in their own position either in starting their companies or getting to their position as directors of companies..

Rick Silva discusses the company and the show on Fox News

The show often clearly demonstrates that success and achievements requires not losing sight of original goals and objectives of their company and more importantly focus on the people in their company and  providing high level of customer satisfaction while maintaining a profit in each individual market. A hard balance in often economically and commercial austere times.

It’s refreshing to see how good bosses know how to step back and look at improving their companies and rewarding their staff appropriately.

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