Concordia Cruise Ship – The Modern “Titanic”

The Costa Concordia SinksUnlike the Titanic,  the huge cruise ship Costa Concordia, didn’t strike an iceberg; instead it truck rocks near the coast of the small island of Giglio Porto. People are now wondering about the size of these new types of ocean liners – the Costa Concordia had 4000 passengers on board – are they too big to deal with in terms of an emergency situation emerging?

Also it’s Captain Francesco Schettino is currently detained facing charges of manslaughter,  although he has denied any wrongdoing. He has not yet been formally charged, but prosecutors asked local judges to continue with his detention.

There is concern that the ship’s captain left the vessel before all the passengers had been safely rescued

A recording of a conversation allegedly between the captain and a port official – recorded shortly after the crash  of the rocks – which suggests Capt Schettino left the ship before all its passengers had escaped. In the recording, the captain appears to refuse to go back on to the ship to co-ordinate the rescue effort.



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