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Amnesty Write-a-thon

Tens of thousands of people around the world are participating in Amnesty’s annual Global Write-a-thon, joining together to write letters that can save lives.

Now’s the time to finally put pen to paper.

We’ve got all the tools you need to get started in our Resources section, ready for you to download. All the Case pages are ready with sample letters to help you craft your messages.

Don’t forget to shine a light, literally — download our powerful paper lanterns to help illuminate your letter-writing event.

And you can watch videos about all the cases at your event — check out our Write for Rights video playlist on YouTube.

Even if you’re writing as an individual, you won’t be alone. Join the conversation with your fellow writers — live! We’ve set up a live blog on our Write for Rights homepage. Send in comments and pictures with your writing experiences — and you can even upload video messages straight from your webcam!

It all starts tomorrow. Write letters to amplify the voices governments are attempting to silence. Write letters demanding freedom. Write letters of solidarity.

Above is the amazing Amnesty International “Ink” animation – which carries the important message of just how powerful a person’s signature can be!

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