Hurricane Irene travels East Coast

Hurricane Irene

Hurricane Irene is making its way to the US east coast its recent attack on North Carolina. There have been three deaths in North Carolina and Virginia, and the hurricane has caused a lot of flooding and damage so far. The hurricane is reported to be 500 miles in width, and has winds of around 140km/h, as it moves slowly northwards.

The city of New York has been estimated to be hit by the hurricane as meteorologists predict the city to be in its path. 2 million people in New Jersey have been ordered to evacuate after warnings of storm surges and flooding. Its governor confirming that “over a million people have left the Jersey shore in the last 24 hours.”

To the north in New York City, 300,000 people living in low-lying areas have been told to leave in an unprecedented mandatory evacuation. New Yorks mayor Michael Bloomberg said the hurricane could be was a “life-threatening” and that it would be dangerous to ignore the order “You have to prepare for the worst case” he said. Barack Obama, who cut short his holiday to return to Washington, had a conference call about the hurricane on Saturday.

Information source: BBC News Website

Reuters News Agency has an update on the Hurricane at the following address :

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