Giggs to Sue Twitter (and the Twitter Persons Unknown)

Ryan Giggs is suing micro-social networking site Twitter over breaching a super-injunction that was taken out with the courts and revealing his name as the name of the player who allegedly had an affair with model Imogen Thomas.

Mr Giggs applied for legal action at the high court in London on Wednesday, in what is thought to be the first action against the US social media firm and its users.
The lawsuit lists the defendants as “Twitter Inc and persons unknown”. The latter are described as those “responsible for the publication of information on the Twitter accounts” in the court document, according to reports.

As the Guardian points out today the ‘issue has nothing to do with whether or not public figures should be able to gag the media through superinjunctions – whether 75,000 Twitter users, as the Lib Dem MP John Hemming used parliamentary privilege to point out, should be allowed to gossip about a footballer or not is irrelevant’ , Richard Hilgrove (history correspondent) points out ‘the issue is to do with whether social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter – massive revenue earning organisations – should operate outside the law that affects everybody else.’

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