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339 – Nutritional Standards in UK SchoolsPDF Document
Four page POSTnote, July 2009
In 2006, 617 million school meals were served in England alone. The
situation regarding school meals differs in the constituent countries
of the UK. In England, new legislation on minimum nutritional standards
in schools began in 2008 in primary schools and will come into force in
secondary schools by September 2009. It consists of food- and
nutrient-based standards for school food. The devolved administrations
have already implemented similar legislation and face similar issues in
improving school food. This note outlines children’s nutritional
requirements, the take-up of school meals in the UK, the capacity to
enforce the standards and the impact of children’s diet on behaviour
and learning.

338 – Environmental NoisePDF Document
Four page POSTnote, July 2009
Noise pollution affects quality of life and has been
linked to health problems. The EU Environmental Noise
Directive (END) aims to manage noise and preserve
quiet areas by engaging the public, local authorities and
operators. This POSTnote examines the effects of noise,
the END and practical measures for noise management.

337 – Treatments for Heroin and Cocaine DependencyPDF Document
Four page POSTnote, June 2009
Some 11.3 million people in Britain have used an illicit
drug at least once in their lifetime. Cocaine and heroin
are the most damaging illicit drugs in terms of health
impacts to dependent individuals and the cost of drug
related crime. This POSTnote looks at the treatments
currently available for heroin and cocaine dependency,
assesses the prospects for new treatments, and
examines the issues these raise.

Behavioural economics podcast
Evidence shows that people may be biased towards seeking short-term
rewards at the expense of greater
long-term benefits. Several factors influence how biased
people are likely to be towards the present.
Understanding these could inform policies that
encourage individuals to make important life choices
that affect their own long-term interests including pensions, health
and consumer affairs. Click on the link to download and listen to the podcast which features interviews with leading scientists and Vince Cable MP.

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