‘It is now essential that we receive a timetable for Guantánamo’s closure’ – Ming Campbell

Sir Menzies Campbell has this evening spoken of the ‘essential’ need to close the notorious military prison at Guantánamo Bay in Cuba after meeting members of the US government in Washington today as part of an Amnesty International delegation to the US capital.

The comments came on the first day of his three-day trip to discuss ways of closing the prison and allow fair trials or safe releases for the roughly 270 Guantánamo detainees still held.

The former Liberal Democrat leader, who is Vice Chair of the All Party Group on Rendition as well as a member of the Foreign Affairs Committee, has also been raising the issue of ‘extraordinary rendition’ flights and secret ‘war on terror’ detentions with the US government.

After meetings today with US government officials, Sir Menzies said:

‘Today I was told that the US government intends to close the camp ‘as soon as possible’, but this is not good enough.

‘We’ve heard these promises on numerous occasions from both Republican and Democrat leaders, yet we are now well into the seventh year of Guantánamo’s shameful existence.

‘The time for talking is over and the time for action is long overdue. It is now essential that we receive a timetable for Guantánamo’s closure.’

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